We will be taking special precautions because of Covid-19 including spreading out patient appointments and reducing the number of patients in our waiting room at any one time. We will be installing air purifiers in each exam room and our waiting room as well as decontaminating each exam room after a visit. If you are over age 65 or have other health issues that put you at increased risk of Covid-19 complications we encourage you to make a telemedicine visit rather than come to the office. Please wear a cloth or surgical mask for your appointment and minimize the family accompanying you for a visit.
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Facial Rejuvenation

Beautiful Skin. Beautifully Simple.

  • No Surgery.
  • No Needles
  • No Downtime
  • Just Results!

What It Is

Our Facial Rejuvenation treatment technology utilizes gentle radio-frequency that minimizes facial lines and wrinkles, tightens skin and improves the appearance of cellulite.

It’s safe for all skin types and levels of sun-exposure, so it fits perfectly into beauty maintenance routine, any time of year.

99% of patients reported the treatment to be pain-free so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your Facial Rejuvenation Treatment today!

How It Works

1. Untreated Skin

Our treatment targets facial lines and wrinkles.

2. Collagen Synthesis Begins

Our treatment delivers radio-frequency technology to gently heat your skin. Increasing the skin’s temperature for a defined, therapeutic time will trigger a natural response for your skin to create new collagen.

3. Collagen Remodeling Occurs
The new collagen fibers are tight, dense, and neatly organized giving you tighter, younger-looking skin.

What to Expect

Our technology targets fine lines and wrinkles on the face and the appearance of cellulite on the body. It’s best to schedule a series of treatments then plan for regular maintenance treatments to help your body counteracts the loss of collagen that is part of the natural aging process. Just like regular trips to your stylist or nail salon, you can make your treatment part of your ongoing beauty regimen!

  • During a face-only treatment, you will experience a gentle warming sensation around the target area(s). Most treatments can be performed in under 45 minutes, which makes this a great lunch time option.
  • During a body-only treatment, you will experience a gentle warming and massage sensation around the target area(s). Most body treatments can be performed in under an hour.
  • After the there is usually only a slight redness of the treated area. The redness generally will subside soon after. You will be able to return to your daily activities immediately following treatment.

Before & After